Monday, June 29, 2015

What contemporary clothes will we cringe to look back on?

I recently joined Reddit's massive Female Fashion Advice subreddit. Honestly, because of Reddit's public image, I thought everyone on the site was a semi- (or aspirationally-) dangerous troll, but FFA is great, kind of a combination of "Women in Clothes" and the nerdier side of the style blogosphere, but much more down-to-earth.

Friday, June 26, 2015

fabric appreciation day

the other day i went to the ace&jig sample sale in soho and bought two dresses and a hoodie. then i had the opposite of buyer's remorse ("i should have bought more," i thought) and so i went back the next day and bought another dress and a pair of pants. at this point i have more things than can fit in my little closet. so i wanted to go back and appreciate what i already have.

like everyone with my interests, i recently read "the life-changing magic of tidying up," and by far my favorite part was the fairy-tale kindly animism with which marie kondo approaches all of her clothes. socks get tired and deserve a rest. hang up what will be happier hanging. clothes that are folded and tended too look brighter and cheerier than crumpled clothes. all clothes want is to serve you. when you get rid of them, send them off with a thank you. when i was little, i felt sorry for everything all the time, including doodles of cats in old notebooks that had to be put in the recycling, or grass that got stepped on. so not only do kondo's ideas appeal to me, they are pretty much the only way i'm able to convince myself to give clothes away. in that spirit, i looked through my whole closet today and said hello to all these beautiful patterns.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

a really nice sunset over new york

such a delight to watch instagram blow up yellow and pink. when i was traveling, i got used to bearing witness alone. it is nice to have some company!

eve came up with her bowl of sliced mangos in hand, which, like...apt color choice

 thanks to eve for these blueblueblueblue photos